• Keeping It Simple This Thanksgiving

    Looking for some last-minute Thanksgiving recipes? I dug up some old family faves to give you a clue of what our Thursday table will look like. We aren't doing anything fancy or non-traditional. With so much uncertainty in the world, I don't need it at the table — give me the old comforts of Thanksgivings past! 
  • Cutest Mommy and Me Looks

    We're always on the lookout for what's on the market for moms and their kiddos who love to match. We're sharing a few of our fave mommy and me loo...
  • My 3 Words for 2020

    Last year, thanks to some inspiration from a friend, I chose three words that would steer me on my 365-day trip around the sun.They were discernm...
  • Ode to Southern California

    Before I start documenting our adventures from our new town, I wanted to reflect on this past decade, and where I've/we've been. Surreal to imagine I uprooted myself at the beginning of the previous decade, leaving New York City for Los Angeles to be with MainMan (we met at a wedding in Sept. '09 and after a few months of long-distance dating, I decided to move there in May '10 to give us a real shot). And now, here we are in a new decade, having just completed another life-altering transition. We survived a few moves in the '10s, but none feel quite as momentous as this one.