Cutest Mommy and Me Looks

We're always on the lookout for what's on the market for moms and their kiddos who love to match. We're sharing a few of our fave mommy and me looks, in addition to ours, of course, in case you might be on the hunt for some cute spring twinning finds. Disclosure: these suggestions are heavy on mother-daughter outfits. Cute mother-son gear that doesn't involve corny t-shirts is tough to find, which is why we're here!

If fitness and leggings are your thing, definitely check out Flexi Lexi Fitness. They rule the "mommy and me" leggings game. I've seen moms with their sons photographed with their matching leggings sets, but last time I checked I didn't see too many unisex options. Another in the legging category is Terez.

Next up: Pink Chicken. We love their boho-chic vibe and they have some lovely prints. If we had a daughter, we definitely would have bought them out by now.

When you think Lilly Pulitzer, you think bright beachy prints in pinks and greens. We'd love to become the west coast's edgier version of Lilly, and as you'll see below, they have some lovely mother-daughter options.

I discovered the following brand Masala Baby on Instagram while on my own brand-building journey. They're "Brooklyn-based. Indian made." All about fun, flowy dresses and tunics. And they actually have some boy options, which is fun.

Pippa Holt Kaftans is a brand I love following on IG. They always share beautiful pictures of moms and their daughters in kaftans. One commenter recently lamented: "So cool, too sad there is nothing for boy so far. Maybe you could think about Shirts?" Pretty much me. All day every day which is why we're doing this thing!!!

I fell in love with Roller Rabbit while I was living in NYC in the early '00s. My mom took me to the store in the Hamptons and it was love at first sight. Not only do they make cozy pajamas for the entire family, but they started doing dresses for women and little ladies, too.

If you prefer to do your matching/twinning at home, definitely check out pajamas from Sant and Abel (pictured below). Of course, there's also the more "mainstream" Hanna Andersson, as well. And Hanna makes more than just matching pajamas of late.

Boden is another one of our favorite brands. We love their fun playful vibe. And though they don't have a ton of options, they have some cute things like these numbers.

Another brand we've been admiring from afar is Momper Romper. How cute are these mom-kiddo rompers? And they look so cozy. I need one in my life.

As far as swimwear, there are a few options we've come across, though have yet to purchase, because once again, they're mainly mother and daughter. Mott 50 has some good matching mother-daughter options (below).

A few others of note: Batoko, Of One Sea, Kortni Jeane (below), Minnow just launched a "X collab" with mother-daughter suits, and Milly (they have more than just suits in their collection).

And last, but not least, OUR BRAND MONI MAKAI! 😎 😍

We started with the idea of giving mothers of sons a solution to "mommy and me" with our shirts, but we decided we couldn't leave girls out of the picture. 

Are you a mommy and me fan? If yes, what are some of your go to stores for mommy and me? As always, thanks for reading!