Giving back this holiday with a card drive

In keeping with last Tuesday’s “Giving Tuesday” event, we had a couple things to share.

One, we sent our first check — thanks to all who shopped our launch — to the Bundle of Joy Fund. ICYMI, we are donating 10% of all of our proceeds, yes, that’s right, ALL of our proceeds, to the BOJ fund. BOJ was founded by Samantha and Kyle Busch, and in their own words, they are “dedicated to advocating for infertility education and awareness and removing financial barriers by granting monetary awards to couples who require fertility treatments to have their own bundle of joy.” Having been through our own infertility struggles, we love what BOJ is doing and we hope any small amount we send them might help others build their families through IVF or any means they choose.


A few years ago, an Instagram photo stopped me in my tracks. A friend had shared a flatlay of beautiful holiday cards she'd made and I was compelled to ask her what they were for. She shared she was donating them to kids at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center via the Scarlett Fund and that if interested, I too could donate cards.

I was beyond excited to participate, but to my dismay, they only wanted handmade cards, and with the deadline just a few days away, I was unable to contribute that year (I can’t recall if this was one or two years ago). When I received the email this year about the card drive, I knew I was going to enlist H’s help to get cards out come hell or high water.   

The deadline for cards is Friday and I’m sharing this in case any of you might be interested in sending some last minute cards. They don’t even have to be personalized. When I mentioned the project to my son, he was really excited to make cards “for the sick kids.”

The address to send cards is:

Scarlett James
c/o the Scarlett Fund
53 East 66th St.
New York, NY 10065

You can email to be on their mailing list to learn more about their card drives and fundraising efforts. And if you miss the deadline this Friday, they do a Valentine’s Day card event, too.

If you're interested in doing something local, I recommend looking up nursing homes in your area. Give them a call, and who knows, maybe they collect cards for their residents. At this time of year, especially with COVID-19, there are sure to be elderly folks in need of some holiday cheer. You might find a group that sends cards to our military overseas, as well.