About Us

"Mommy and me" for moms and sons

Welcome to our little sunny corner of the internet.

We are Moni Makai (MAW-nee muh-KIY). "Makai" is the Hawaiian word for “toward or by the sea." 

The idea for our "mommy and me" clothing line was born in Southern California, where I lived with my husband for nearly a decade. I am a huge fan of loud prints, and Hawaiian shirts, and I found myself often being jealous at the ease with which my husband would throw on a Hawaiian shirt in the morning and be good to go for the day, through activities and possibly even a night out.

In addition, when our son was born — he turned 4 in August — I tried to find clothes to twin/coordinate with him and I was largely discouraged with what I found. So instead of settling for cheezy mother-son T-shirts, I decided to create my own line of matching/coordinating tops. Don't worry moms of daughters, we have dresses, too. 

Thanks for being here and we hope you'll check out our fun, wild, loud, bright aloha threads.